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Scheduled Performances

Saturday 23 October                  St. Luke’s Church. Charles Dickens Ward. PO54LH. 4.30pm show

Monday 25 October                   Portsmouth Cathedral. St Thomas Ward. PO1 2HA. 12.30pm show

                                                       St. Margaret’s Church. Central Southsea Ward. 6.30pm show

Tuesday 26 October                   St. Mary’s. Brighstone. Isle of Wight. PO30 4QH. 2pm show

Wednesday 27 October             St. Peter & St. Paul Church. Hambledon. PO7 4RT. 12noon show

                                                       Kings Church. St Thomas Ward. PO5 4QA. 6pm show

Thursday 28 October                 St. Mary’s Portsmouth. PO1 5PA. 12.30pm show

Saturday 30 October                 Church of the Good Shepherd, Waterlooville. PO7 5QB. 3.30pm

Saturday 6 November                Cosham Baptist Church. Cosham Ward. PO6 2QZ. 12.30pm show

                                                       St. Jude’s Church. St Jude Ward. PO5 3EL. 6.30pm

Sunday 7 November                  St. Nicholas Church. Bedhampton. PO9 3PU. 6.30pm show

Saturday 13 November              St. Faith’s Church. Lee on the Solent. PO13 9NF. 12.30pm show

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Written and Directed by Scott Ramsay

Music, Lyrics and Musical Direction by Naomi Lane

Produced by Abi Lane for The Host Space

Supported by People and Stories, and Arts Council England

Saturday 23 October to Saturday 13 November

Part of Portsmouth Climate Festival


Meet Florence Wright. She’s on a journey.

A journey to an island on the far side of the world…

A journey that will change her life forever.


 Florence’s mum has a new assignment, to a remote island in the Pacific Ocean that none of her friends have heard of. “What on earth is there to discover there”, thinks Florence. Little does she know that she’s about to encounter a revelation that will shape her future, and those of her friends back home in Portsmouth.


Join us for this exciting new musical for ages 5 to 105… Full of evocative music, thrilling storytelling, and interactive fun. If you’re looking for a great introduction to one of the most important climate themes of our age - plastic pollution - come along and be surprised, informed, and tooled up for the future.

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We're delighted to be working with a range of partners to deliver Portsmouth's first Climate Festival, taking place from October to November 2021, including the University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth City Council, Portsmouth Climate Action Board, the Environment Agency, City of Sanctuary, GoodGym, Jetsam, and numerous schools and venues.

In addition to our new eco-musical, The Adventures of Florence and the Mermaid's Tears, highlights include Source to Sea, a secondary school project delivered by People and Stories and the Environment Agency, and ShoreClean, a plastics initiative bringing Portsmouth's refugee community together with local activism and technology.

Find out more at

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People and Stories delivers and supports activities for children, young people, and their families, across the UK.  As our reach continues to grow, we expect to reach over 100,000 participants and audiences over the next 12 months, across 35 regions. Current partners include Little Wolf Entertainment, Rare Productions, Outside the Box Productions, and the Environment Agency.

We understand the benefits that cultural and creative engagement can bring to young people and their families. So too, do we understand that it's often about 'joining dots' - bringing partners together to create special projects that are bigger than the sum of parts. As our communities emerge from a challenging 20 months, there is a lot of catching up to do, and opportunties to share.

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We're fascinated in the art of placemaking and creating spaces to share activity. We also understand the role that cultural and creative activity can bring to place-based development and regeneration.

People and Stories brings expertise and practical understanding to both the table and the floor, when supporting new developments. Current projects include CourtX in Portsmouth, and the Engine Room in Cambridgeshire.

We're also proud to lead a new initiative called Creative Harbour, championing community-focused touring and creative activity across the communites of Urban South-East Hampshire,

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People and Stories delivers and supports a range of cultural and creative activities to educational providers, schools and universities. Current projects include schools tours, workshops, research and development, and artistic direction, with partners such as the University of Chichester, Portsmouth Music Hub, and numerous schools across the UK.

We also care about sustainability and climate change, and we're playful in bringing together cultural and climate themes to support wider discussion and reach. We believe the climate emergency should be included in everyday storytelling, just as love, conflict and other facets of life are. We believe we have a part to play in supporting change.