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At People and Stories, the enviroment sits at the heart of what we do. It's not an add-on or after-thought, but integral to our thinking.

When we talk about the environment, we're concerned with our impact and how we go about making a positive contribution.

However, just as important is how we build environmentalism into all of our stories, and make it a normal part of any conversation. Alongside the common storytelling themes of love, conflict, etc, Environmentalism is a core concern for all of us, and will increasingly become an important part of  making sense of the world around us.


A healthy shoreline is an important priority for our communities, and at People and Stories we like to bring individuals together to capture some of theplastic and litter from around our island's shores.

ShoreClean is regular get-together of people from our region, some who call it home, and some who have sought sanctuary here from around the world.  We come together to clean our shores, share stories, identify patterns in plastic pollution and help protect our shared environment. Get in touch to find out more...

Solent Seagrass Restoration

Our Director Scott Ramsay, and Environment Associate, Elena Chigareva, are part of the Solent Restoration project, which aims to restore Seagrass across key inter-tidal sites across our region.

90% of our seagrass beds have disappeared over the last century, however the restoration project is already making strides in re-establishing beds, providing vital habitats for wildlife, supporting fisheries, and preventing coastline erosion. Seagrass also stores carbon in the seabed, a process known as blue carbon, which is up to 35 times more efficient than tropical rainforests.


We are founding partners of SeeGreen, a new environmental  Community Interest Company, established to provide training to everyone across our communities, and innovative projects to make environmentalism more accessible.

As part of our our collaboration, we are currently providing training for local artists, to allow them to better understand their environmental impact, and how to build environmentalism into their artistic themes and content.

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