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A People and Stories, and Creative Harbour Production
in association with the Royal Naval Association, Portsmouth City of Sanctuary, and Repair Cafe

​ UNDERTOW:1982 tells the story of three women, set in 1982 against the backdrop of the Falkland’s Conflict, unrest in Eastern Europe, economic turmoil, and the closure of Portsmouth's dockyard.

The production toured to 16 venues and social clubs across Urban South-East Hampshire in October and November 2022. The production reached a high number of residents who do not normally engage with theatre, and included live music from the period.


Toured Urban South-East Hampshire from 2 October to 12 November 2022


"We give this 5 stars because it succeeds in leaving a lasting imprint.
This is feel good ‘gig theatre’ at its best, an immersive engaging experience with stand out vocals, 
a heart warming storyline combined with the thrill of being in a small room with a live band. 
There are no special effects, no scenery, no frills, just stripped back raw talent and a
clever delivery which keeps alive a local history that should be retold."

“Rollicking, great performances all round. Funny, engaging, informative and moving.”

“So moving and poignant. An amazing and an emotional journey. Fantastic!”

“What an amazing production! My two daughters and I had an amazing evening,
shed a few tears, and laughed a lot. Thank you!”

“Fabulous and emotional! Such a great show.”

“Loved it so very much when I saw it, I took my family to watch it again.
Now I'm off to see it with some friends. Will never tire of watching this masterpiece.”

“Thoroughly enjoy every minute of it. If you can go and see it!"

“A must watch.”

“Can’t recommend this enough- an amazing, thought provoking and funny play."

“Evocative of Portsmouth in 1982 and the Falklands Conflict. Fantastic. See it whilst you can!”

“An amazing experience! Thank you so much!”

“Just been to see this wonderfully executed and totally relevant piece of theatre.
I'm not going to go into the story, but I cried. Go along and find out why.”

“Go see it! Great music, amazing story telling, and the best history lesson I've ever had about life in Portsmouth. Brilliant cultural, political, and musical references. And terrifying links to today.”

Project Team

Emily Ambrose
Julia Grela
Nathalie Gunn
Scott Ramsay

Dave Tait
Jamie Watkins
Adam Blosse
Mike Wright
Tom Richards

Scott Ramsay
Sophia Weygang
Dave Tait
Nathalie Gunn
Liz Weston
Amy Claydon
Matthew Parsons
Geraldine Ramsay


Lead Guitarist
Bass Guitarist

Creator and Director
Associate Director
Musical Director
Musical Director
Production Associate
Production Associate
Sound Engineer
Lighting Associate

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