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A People and Stories, and Creative Harbour Production
in association with The Young Creatives, and Park Community Theatre

​ Around the world, parties punctuate our journeys through life.
Birthdays, blessings, proms, the list goes on.

Closer to home, a movie set sprawls across a Farlington warehouse,
and by the waterfront, the cast and crew come together to film their latest scene.

The Party is an exciting new theatre show, shining a light on what it means to be
human, and the resilience we find within ourselves during the most momentous events.


Toured Urban South-East Hampshire from 11 September to 21 October 2023

"Absolutely brilliant. So pertinent to the themes we’re exploring today."
"Terrific acting and storytelling’…‘Powerful and moving stuff"
"So thought-provoking and relevant to life today’…‘Important stuff, everyone should see it"
"Loved it so much, I’m coming to see it again"
"Wish I’d seen something like this when I was at school"
"The relevance of the themes is wonderful’…‘So clever, the way it’s layered and constructed"

“At last, a performance that we’ve asked for.”
“As a mental health practitioner of over 20 years, I have to tell you, you ticked all the boxes.”
“Many of the young people in this room have been to the theatre before, and many more haven’t been since Covid. It’s really important that we’re able to offer them this.”
“It was so evident that there had been extensive consideration given to the content and the critical messages that the performance was delivering. Thank you.”
“What an absolutely brilliant production. Full of surprises and so well performed.”

Project Team

Amani Hawa
Scott Ramsay
April Singley
Kia Wilson

Marie Amey
Suki Jones
James Kirby
Poppy Lowles
Charlie Wingrove

Scott Ramsay
Matthew Parsons
Geraldine Ramsay
Marie Amey
Flo Fearon
Natalie Gunn
Sophia Weygang
Liz Weston
Emma Williams
James Ramsay

Jasmin (live cast)
Cameron (live cast)
Ashley (live cast)
Annika (live cast)

Avril (digital cast)
Bonnie (digital cast)
Patrick (digital cast)
Katherine (digital cast)
Noah (digital cast)

Creator and Director
Technical Manager/AV
Lighting Design
Production Associate
Production Associate
Production Associate
Production Associate
Production Associate
Production Associate
Technical Assistant

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