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Creative Harbour

Creative Harbour is a cultural initiative for the communites and conurbations of Portsmouth and Langstone Harbours, otherwise know as 'Urban South-East Hampshire'. The initiative was launched in 2020 by People and Stories, and in 2022 Creative Harbour CIC was incorporated to better support partnership work across the region.

The Creative Harbour initiative includes the Creative Harbour Venue Network, a group of community venues that allows us and our partners to reach as many of our communities as possible, supporting access to culture and creativity through quality projects.


The Creative Harbour Region

Creative Harbour generates activity across the communities and conurbations of Portsmouth and Langstone Harbours. A micro-region that is home to over 515,000 people, with a shared geography, history and heritage, comparable in scale to Manchester, Sheffield or Leeds.

In recent years our communties have demonstrated inspiring resourcefulness and spirit. However, this extraordinary period has also shone a brighter light on existing inequalities in our society, and it has generated new ones.

The impact has not been the same for everyone, and the attainment gap between those economically better off and their less well-off peers will grow. The systemic link between health and poverty cannot be ignored, not can the intersections between gender, race and disability.

It is estimated that over 91,000 of the UK's most deprived citizens reside in the Creative Harbour micro-region, and approximately 180,000 of our residents find it difficult to access arts and culture. Creative Harbour exists to bring participation, community-capacity-building and creative development to all our communities, across Gosport, Fareham, Portchester, Portsmouth, Havant, Waterlooville and Hayling.

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Our Shared Values

Collaboration: We collaborate with community partners, in the hearts of neighbourhoods.

Community: We create opportunities that our communities ask for, and value.

Equality: We promote diversity and include everyone.

Leadership: We stimulate leadership in local artists and communities.

Relevence: We focus on pertinent themes, decided by our communities.

Sustainability: We care about environmental challenges, and work to counter them.

Quality: Whatever we do, we do it well.

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Creative Harbour is incorporated Community Interest Company, registered in England No. 14476567
Directors: Majid Dhana, Scott Ramsay, and Elizabeth Weston

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