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Sanctuary is an exciting cross-arts programme of workshops, performances and installations, based on what it means to find sanctuary in Urban South-East Hampshire.

People have sought refuge here for centuries, and continue to do so from all over the world. Working with artists, refugees, volunteers, and schools across the region, we bring together ideas, creative practice,and opportunities for people's stories to be seen.

People and Stories, and Creative Harbour
in association with Action Asylum, and Portsmouth City of Sanctuary


Fort Widley, Cosham, Portsmouth  -  12 Feb to 23 March  -  Creative Workshops
Priory School, Southsea, Portsmouth  -  18 Feb to 7 May  -  Exhibition & Live Performances
Park Community School, Leigh Park, Havant  -  19 Feb to 8 May  -  Exhibition & Live Performances
Milton Cross Academy, Milton, Portsmouth  -  7 to 24 May  -  Exhibtion & Live Performances
Castle View Academy, Paulsgrove, Portsmouth  -  8 to 24 May  -  Exhibition & Live Performances
St. Mary's Church, Fratton, Portsmouth  -  From 3 June  -  Exhibition

Project Team

Participant Associate
Music Associate
Visual Art Associate
Spoken Work Associate
Participant Associate
Performance Associate
Music Associate
Videography Associate
Creator & Director
Environmental Associate
Dance Associate
Dance Associate
Producer & Theatre Associate

John Ashlin
Janet Ayers
Kevin Dean

Majid Dhana
Shamila Dhana
Nathalie Gunn
Zac Harkis
Matthew Parsons

Scott Ramsay
Nicholas Sebley
Gemma Siamantas
Elizabeth Weston

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