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SeeGreen is an environmental initiative for the communites and conurbations of Portsmouth and Langstone Harbours, otherwise know as 'Urban South-East Hampshire'.

The initiative was launched and incorporated in 2023, to better provide environmental education, in partnership with People and Stories, and Creative Harbour.

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SeeGreen Training

SeeGreen provides activities and training opportunities for the communities and conurbations of Portsmouth and Langstone Harbours. A micro-region that is home to over 515,000 people, with a shared geography, history and environment, comparable in scale to Manchester, Sheffield or Leeds.

In recent years our communities have become more conscious of the damage done to our shared environment, and climate change. However there is much to be done to educate and inspire everybody across society, and to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools that are needed to reduce future impact.

Training is available to anyone: To individuals, groups, microbusinesses, SME's, corporations, or students, and SeeGreen is able to create training on demand, or via regular sessions.

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Our Shared Values

Collaboration: We collaborate with community partners, in the hearts of neighbourhoods.

Community: We create opportunities that our communities ask for, and value.

Equality: We promote diversity and include everyone.

Leadership: We stimulate leadership in local communities.

Relevence: We focus on pertinent themes, decided by our communities.

Sustainability: We care about environmental challenges, and work to counter them.

Quality: Whatever we do, we do it well.

SeeGreen is incorporated Community Interest Company, registered in England No.15290871
Directors: Elena Chigareva, Scott Ramsay, and Nicholas Sebley

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